Topp automatic sliding door is a product from a famous Italian brand, aiming to promote high quality standards, contributing to improving the quality of life, bringing convenience, saving part of time and money. effort for people in modern and busy society.

Topp automatic sliding doors are known in different parts of the world. Used by many people. Topp automatic doors often appear in industrial, commercial and even residential areas. The convenience that it brings makes many people believe in using automatic sliding doors. The following article will give you more useful information about this technology product.

What is Topp automatic sliding door?

TOPP automatic door is a product from famous Italy. Is a type of sliding door specialized for pedestrians, with a maximum load of up to 140kg/2 wings. The safety functions are a combination of thrust and reversing function automatically when the controller detects obstacles in the path of the door. The programming of basic parameters is operated right at the buttons on the control panel, other advanced programming is manipulated via digital devices.

Topp automatic sliding door is a type of door used to open and close the door with integrated devices so that it can operate automatically. Sliding doors automatically open when sensor devices are activated via remote, magnetic card fingerprint machine or other smart control devices. The door will automatically open or close when the control device receives a signal triggered by the sensors and controls the motorized wheels to work to help the door open, when the sensor does not detect anyone. in the active area, the door starts to close after a period of time.

Cửa trượt tự động Topp
Topp . automatic sliding door

Outstanding features of Topp . brand automatic sliding doors

The TOPP automatic door system is usually intended for pedestrians. The door has a load capacity of 240 Kg, has an electronic board with the latest generation microprocessor that allows automatic movement adjustment according to the weight and size of the doorway.

Topp automatic sliding door with integrated safety functions, thrust control and automatic reversing when there are obstacles in the threshold. The device has an encoder for automatic reading of the stroke, position and retardation of the doorway.

Programming of basic parameters from the electronic board and advanced functions for users and installers via digital selectors. Operating modes can be selected from the function selector, keylock switch, digital selector or remote control.

Đặc điểm nổi bật của cửa trượt tự động Topp
Outstanding features of Topp . automatic sliding door

Automatic Topp door structure

Topp automatic sliding door includes main parts such as:

- Main controller: This is the control center of Topp automatic sliding door. Through the large integrated block with the instruction program, the corresponding command is given to transmit the command to the motor or the ignition system to work.

- Automatic door sensor: Usually divided into two types: microwave sensor and infrared sensor. This unit collects external signals, when a moving object enters its working range, it will provide the main controller with a pulse signal.

- Electric motor: Provides the main force for the door to open and close. Control the speed of the door. High operating capacity, large torque, capable of reversing operation in a short time.

- Hanging ear wheel: The roller is made of synthetic resin or polyurethane, which has good bearing capacity and wear resistance. Easy height/low adjustment.

- Aluminum alloy rail: This is the moving path of the door, also known as aluminum rail.

- Belt: Motion transmission belt, used to transmit the power generated by the engine and pull the door to open / close instead of human power.

Cấu tạo cửa trượt tự động Topp
Topp . automatic sliding door structure
Bộ phận cấu tạo cửa trượt tự động Topp
Topp . automatic sliding door components
Bộ phận cấu tạo cửa trượt tự động Topp
Topp . automatic sliding door components

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