One of the devices commonly used in modern buildings is the revolving door. So automatic revolving door what? What is the design like? How does it work? Please join Anh Khoa to find out in the sections below.

What is an automatic swing door?

Automatic revolving door or automatic revolving door has the English name of Revolving Auto Door. This type of door has 2 main types: 3-leaf revolving door and 4-leaf revolving door. Has a circular cylindrical design instead of a flat design like other automatic doors.

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What is an automatic swing door?

With alloy material, the door frame system will surround the doors symmetrically arranged through the central center axis. The space inside is divided into compartments of equal area, so passersby will circulate very conveniently. 

Other smart accessories of automatic revolving doors are also integrated such as: controller lock, control box, sensor magic eye, ...

Automatic revolving door design

Main devices

  • PLC door control system
  • 2 obstacle detection sensors installed outside and inside, anti-jamming right aisle
  • To detect collisions, sensors are installed under each swingarm
  • Curved glass static wall system
  • There are 5 modes of 1 button control box
  • Emergency push button
  • Door motor system DC24V 50Hz 90W
  • 2 external and internal motion detection radar sensors
  • 2 collision detection sensors installed along 2 curved walls, off the right aisle
  • There are 3 or 4 automatic rotating blades
  • Made of aluminum or stainless steel with glass frame system
  • Door lock system
  • There is a mode for disabled people
Cửa xoay tự động - Ưu điểm vượt trội và sang trọng
Design extremely luxurious automatic revolving doors at construction sites

General standard parameters

  • Clearance diameter from 1800mm - 3600mm
  • Height of dome covering wide electrical system: 200mm
  • When turning the door, the push selector is < 70N
  • Minimum speed is 50mm/s
  • The degree of protection is IP22
  • Profile: Aluminum alloy, frame material
  • Noise standard < 70dB(A)
  • Clearance height is 3000mm
  • The depth of the rotary cage buried under the floor is 70mm
  • When starting to rotate the door, the thrust is < 140N
  • Maximum speed 1000m/s
  • Power supply is 230VAC/50Hz
  • Has a capacity of 380W
  • Allowable working temperature from -20 degrees C to +40 degrees C

Working principle of automatic revolving door

System automatic revolving door will operate on opening and closing according to the rotating mechanism, rotating around the main axis with a disruptive cylindrical design. Besides, this type of door has many different modes such as: semi-automatic (with the help of electric motor to push the door), fully automatic and manual (using human force to push the door).

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Automatic revolving doors are suitable for entrances with high traffic

It will help the automatic door system to rotate around the main axis when the electromechanical system and smart sensor equipment are installed above. The sensor eye always receives a signal that will allow the door to swing when someone comes in and out. The door will stop working, ensuring maximum safety when getting in and out if luggage is entangled or someone enters the door chamber.

Outstanding advantages of automatic revolving doors

Automatic revolving door is highly appreciated not only for its operating principle or special design, but also for its outstanding advantages such as:

Make a strong impression

Automatic revolving door The flats are perfectly designed and elegant in appearance, they help create the first impression in the foyer of your building. Create a superlative as well as extremely stylish so that when guests come to feel valued.

In addition, the door can also be customized with colors, posters and more marketing content.

Reduce energy consumption

An automatic revolving door can significantly reduce energy costs. A closed door will not allow drafts to enter the building. Therefore, it is very easy to maintain the interior temperature without the need for additional heating or cooling systems like more traditional doors.

Glass doors allow a greater amount of light than using wooden doors. That means your entryway, which means you'll need fewer lighting accessories and less energy to light.

Another advantage is that it helps to reduce the amount of dust, mud and debris entering the building from the outside. This will reduce costs associated with cleaning.

Create a safer environment

Automatic revolving door facilitate pedestrian traffic in and out of the building. They allow people to enter and exit the building at a controllable speed and virtually eliminate the problem of people being trapped inside the building trying to get in and out. 

Better customer experience

If you are using the premises for business, creating a positive customer experience is essential. Automatic revolving door enhance the customer experience by allowing them to get in and out of the store easily and seamlessly (even when carrying multiple bags).

Additionally, for customers with difficulty, such as those on crutches or even in a wheelchair, navigating a revolving glass door is easier than with a regular door.

Cửa xoay tự động - Ưu điểm vượt trội và sang trọng
Automatic revolving doors bring many outstanding advantages

How many operating modes does the automatic swing door have?

With various operating modes and settings, the door can be used easily and conveniently with the operating mode consists of:

  • Night – Electric locking mechanism
  • Revolve – Normal working mechanism
  • Automatic – Automatic operating mechanism
  • Manual – Manual door swing mechanism 

Application of automatic revolving doors for businesses

As a general rule, automatic revolving door Ideal for businesses, hotels, hospitals, airports and large retail stores.

Enables businesses to create a unique, premium in-place experience for guests. The finishing options are virtually endless, and businesses can incorporate brand colors and logos into their designs. Larger revolving doors even feature merchandise, store specials, or holiday decorations. 

For construction sites using double doors, automatic revolving door can help save valuable space in the building. This interior space allows more room for merchandise and promotions or more seating for guests – ultimately leading to higher sales.

By using a space-saving revolving door, the business was able to create an inviting, open waiting area that encouraged more customers to come in. It also enhances the user experience for your guests and employees.

Genuine automatic revolving door quote

Automatic revolving door used in businesses, homes and hospitals are often heavy and difficult to open. To be able to control automatically by sensor or push button it needs to be installed with an additional motor. To be able to meet the specific requirements of each project, the control equipment set is diverse with many models and types.

1 Clearance door 2m rail 4.2m The set Contact
2 Doors open to clear water 2.4m rail 4.8m The set Contact
3 Clearance door 3m rail 6m:(rail 3mx2) The set Contact
4 Doors Sensor (Eyes) The Contact
5 Safety sensor The set Contact
6 Glass clamp (drill hole) The Contact
7 Glass clamp (No hole drilling) The Contact
8 Labor to install the whole package The set Contact
9 Installation workers: Automatic equipment The set Contact
10 Installation worker: Eye/Sensor/Motor The set Contact

 Note: The price may change from time to time, so you want to know more accurately about cheap prices, automatic door installation services of all kinds. Please contact the hotline directly for a free consultation and the best quote.

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