Currently, on the market there are many lines of automatic sliding doors that are preferred to be installed. Depending on the line, each model of each brand will have different outstanding features. When recently the need to install automatic sliding doors is increasing, not only need advantages such as convenience in daily life but also need to have a design that is easy to beautify the installation space. very important thing.

If you are wondering in choosing, this article will help you learn more about the sliding door line of Woosung brand from Korea.

Cửa trượt Woosung mẫu mã sang trọng
Woosung sliding door luxury design

What is Woosung automatic sliding door?

Woosung automatic door is a brand of automatic sliding door with top quality in Korea and imported to Vietnam. As a modern product that replaces conventional doors that take time and collide to open the door, Woosung automatic sliding door is always a reasonable choice, bringing convenience in life.

Woosung automatic sliding door has many benefits, suitable for many civil installations or industrial parks and places with high traffic such as: commercial centers, restaurants, banks, post offices. , hotel, office, ... there are many other applications that can be installed for your home. Depending on the intended use of the installer, the door can be combined with many door access control functions such as fingerprints, magnetic cards, ... automatic sliding doors help the installation space become luxurious and modern. Grand.

Mẫu mã đa dạng phù hợp với nhiều công trình lắp đặt
Diverse models suitable for many installation projects

Outstanding features of Woosung brand automatic doors

  • Is the line automatic sliding door Woosung is intelligently designed with the most modern advanced chain technology in Korea. Experts have designed this door line with an automatic lock integrated with an electronic circuit board to help the door operate more safely and intelligently. 
  • Diverse, luxurious and modern models are always the installation criteria of people with high aesthetic taste. Not only is it convenient, but it also brightens and brightens your installation space.
  • The average lifespan of Woosung automatic sliding doors is quite high. The machine runs quietly to prevent the engine from overheating, keeping you safe when using it and saving a lot of repair costs in the long run.
  • Can withstand heavy loads.
  • The motor motor installed on the door has solid durability and most importantly, the time to keep the door open and open can be adjusted by the door's regulator, which is very suitable for the purpose of the installer.

Automatic Woosung door structure

The following is the basic structure of a Woosung automatic sliding door:

  • 1 Brushless DC motor 24V – 90W or 24V – 120W
  • 1 original aluminum alloy rail 4.8m or 6m
  • 1 Power transformer
  • 1 Central controller
  • 2 or 04 Winged Wheels
  • 2 Eyes of Korean god Inno
  • 1 Pully does not load
  • 1 Belt reel
  • 2 Block the door
  • 1 or 2 Navigation
  • 2 or 04 dedicated glass clamps
  • Finally, the installation kit

Installing the prestigious Woosung automatic door in Ho Chi Minh City

Along with the increase in installation needs of many customers increasing in the market, now there are many units that supply and install automatic sliding doors quite a lot. You should choose the prestige and quality to have the best experience when using sliding doors.

Are you worried about whether your door installation space is suitable for the sliding door line? Or you have a need to install or want to know more information about Woosung automatic sliding doors, you can refer to more details at, we always have a professional staff ready to support and advise question for you. Anh Khoa Automatic Door would like to commit to genuine product quality, excellent quality and always bring the most satisfaction to customers using products and services at our company.

Automatic sliding door

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