One of the important devices in the current access control system is the electric latch lock. This is an important device because it is used to control access in and out effectively and safely. This type of lock is used on many types of doors such as wooden, glass, iron doors... So, what is an electronic door lock? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of door lock? The following article will provide you with basic information about the S4A electric latch lock so that you can understand the characteristics of the electric latch lock as well as the reputable product supply address in Ho Chi Minh City.

What is an electric latch lock? 

"Electronic latch lock" or "smart door lock" is a phrase that people mention a lot in preventing theft, ensuring very good safety for homeowners.

Electronic latch lock, also known as falling latch lock, is an electronic lock that uses a "latch" to open and close the door. The latch lock can be used alone or connected to identification devices such as fingerprint machines, touch card readers, magnetic card readers, facial recognition devices... to manage doors.

Latch locks are generally low voltage devices that use an solenoid to control a moving holding device. The holding device interacts with the lock's latch on the door and allows the door to be opened when activated even though the lock's latch is in the open position. Can be used for a wide variety of applications including interior control, perimeter control, stair control and elevator and exit control.

The latch lock can be used for most types of doors on the market today such as aluminum doors, wooden doors, glass doors, iron doors, fire doors...

Khóa chốt điện tử đảm bảo an toàn cho gia chủ
Electronic latch lock ensures the safety of the homeowner

Features of electric latch lock S4A 

For any type of door lock, whether it is a smart lock or a traditional lock, the lock pin and the bolt are two important parts in the structure of the lock. The mechanism of action of locking and opening the door by the user turning or twisting the door handle to move the latch and bolt inside the lock.

If a traditional door lock operates according to a latch and lock mechanism, in which the cylinder part of the lock will be held by a small metal wire, when the key is inserted into the lock and rotated, the serrated edges will move. Move evenly to operate the cylinder and unlock.

In contrast to the traditional door lock with a simple operation, the S4A electronic latch lock has a more complex structure. The construction of an electronic door lock also includes actuators connected to bolts or cylinders and a smaller motor that is completely embedded in the door frame. 

The outer part of the high-end electronic door lock includes the lock body and the fingerprint or password sensor, the magnetic card reader. The front of the lock is composed of a fingerprint sensor, a code sensor, a magnetic card, a front handle, a mechanical key cover. The back has a battery cover that covers the electronic latch lock, where the battery is stored, the back handle, the internal locking pin, and the sink is where the latches and mechanical locks are located. 

Cấu tạo khóa chốt điện S4A
Structure of electric latch lock S4A

Advantages: Safe concealment, good appearance, good security, not easy to be opened and opened.

Cons: Difficult to dig keyholes during installation.

Models of electric latch lock S4A at Anh Khoa company

Anh Khoa company specializes in providing genuine, high-quality S4A electric lock models. Here are a few samples available at our company:

Khóa chốt điện S4A BK-08C
Electric latch lock S4A BK-08C
Khóa chốt điện S4A BL C20001D
Electric latch lock S4A BL C20001D
Khóa chốt điện S4A BK-08A
Electric latch lock S4A BK-08A

Where to buy reputable S4A electric latch lock?

Electric latch lock is a modern technology product that every home should have, but it is not easy to install it yourself at home. So choose an address that has experience in installing these locking systems. 

If you are looking for a supplier of S4A electric latch lock and installation for your family, Anh Khoa Company is an extremely reasonable choice for you. We specialize in providing all kinds of locks including latch locks, magnetic locks, electronic locks, ... genuine, high quality and reasonable price compared to the market. 

Anh Khoa Company- A reputable S4A electric latch lock installation address in Ho Chi Minh City

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