Automatic Swing door


Anh Khoa Company is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment automatic door open leading in Vietnam with high quality products. The company always meets the needs and offers the most prestigious prices for customers. Let's find out the latest price list of Anh Khoa Company!

Overview of automatic opening doors

The door set is installed with an automation system, making the traditional door capable of opening/closing fully automatically without using human force.

Based on a combination of motor and power supply system, the device is capable of independent operation, making human movement much faster and easier.

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Current automatic door

Not only convenient and modern, but It is also applied in many different fields such as: automatic doors at airports, banks, offices, business premises, connecting with smart home systems, ..

The latest Anh Khoa automatic door opening price list

Anh Khoa Company is currently a unit specializing in providing the following lines: automatic door open at a very reasonable price. Here is a sample of the models available at the company:

Door load <150kg/wing

Opening/closing speed: 150-600mm/s

Electric motor: DC 24V/55W . brushless DC motor

Equipment details: Control computer, pulley, belt, electric motor, magic eye, roller, alloy rail, ...

Model: K-2

Load capacity: 100kg (open 2 wings), 120kg (1 wing open)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.2M . long alloy slide

Model: TH3

Load capacity: 120kg (open 2 wings), 150kg (1 wing open)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.2M . long alloy slide

Model: Telescopic TH-W2

Load capacity: 130kg (opening 2 wings), 90kg (opening sliding 4 wings)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.5M . long alloy slide

Clearance 2.0m – Aluminum alloy sliding rail 4.0m
Clearance 2.0m – Aluminum alloy sliding rail 4.0m

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Beautiful and popular automatic door models today

You can refer to some door models both modern and luxurious below:

Bảng báo giá cửa mở tự động nhập khẩu chất lượng - Anh Khoa
Topp automatic sliding door with modern technology, optimizing use
Bảng báo giá cửa mở tự động nhập khẩu chất lượng - Anh Khoa
Luxury Italian automatic door series
Bảng báo giá cửa mở tự động nhập khẩu chất lượng - Anh Khoa
Taiwan Grizzy automatic door with outstanding separate system
Bảng báo giá cửa mở tự động nhập khẩu chất lượng - Anh Khoa
Exquisite automatic door series Cortech Korea

Applications of automatic doors for businesses

In fact, most companies and businesses choose automatic door open is the priority equipment to be installed at the entrance and reception areas. That will bring convenience to travel, enhance the modern and luxurious value of the building.

Different from traditional door lines, automatic doors open in combination with extremely high security systems, providing a safe and secure life for users. 

Main components in automatic door opening system

Normally, there will be two indispensable parts of an automatic door set, namely the motor and control circuit board, but there will be different designs depending on the structure of the supporting parts. However, among the types of doors, the most popular door model is the automatic sliding door. 

Here are some structures including the main parts of a set automatic door:

Alloy aluminum rails

The rail box, also known as aluminum alloy rail, contains all parts such as: controller, motor, belt, etc. It has a length of 3m to 6m to meet the size for large aisles when used. used, made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy.

Remote controll

The control board, also known as the controller, processes data quickly, can be connected to alarms, surveillance cameras because it has a timer switch, settings for opening speed and door keeping time.

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Main parts inside the door


The motor helps to receive the signal from the circuit board and the motion of pulling the door to open / close automatically according to the signal. 


Automatic door belts are divided into two types: steel core belts and umbrella core belts. Because the inside of the belt is placed with high quality sturdy steel stubs, the steel core belt will be more durable.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic doors

Anh Khoa will provide pros and cons To help you make the best decision: 


– One of the best things about automatic door is that it comes in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, finishes and designs. This not only gives the building a sophisticated look, but also enhances its reputation. Besides, automatic door open Made from tough, strong and durable materials to enhance or enhance the unique style of any home or business.

Provides the ultimate solution for buildings such as hospitals and food factories where hygiene is essential. Automatic doors with airtight function can also prevent the ingress of dirt by increasing the air pressure in the room, which is very suitable for operating rooms and other controlled environments.

Bảng báo giá cửa mở tự động nhập khẩu chất lượng - Anh Khoa
Advantages and disadvantages of automatic doors

– Since automatic doors can be opened without the use of hands, they provide convenience for everyone even with luggage on hand or carrying a stroller. Automatic swing doors are widely used in high-traffic places such as commercial buildings, hotels and public facilities to demonstrate good customer care and service.

Automatic doors effectively contribute to energy savings and reduce annual heating and cooling costs. The door opens only when activated and automatically closes to avoid forgetting to close the door. They also prevent the air conditioner from escaping and outside air and dirt from entering the interior.


– The automatic door installation process requires a professional technician for it to be accurate and efficient. Sometimes due to a power failure, the electric gate does not work causing inconvenience that may require you to manually set the gate to open or close or call a technician to check.

Due to the presence of many automatic features, automatic doors can be expensive to purchase and require a high budget. Moreover, in the case of repairs, they are relatively more expensive than traditional doors.

Automatic doors are more difficult to clean because you need to polish and oil internal components like springs and bolts to prevent rust. In the case of metal gates, they may need repainting and periodic maintenance to prevent it from rusting. Automatic doors with wooden frames can look faded and unsightly over time, making them difficult to care for.

Umbrella automatic door open There are also disadvantages but almost no effect on the quality of the door. You should clean it regularly so that the product can promote its outstanding advantages.

Are automatic doors safe?

Automatic Swing door will provide users with a safe and convenient environment. With high safety and difficulty in impact along with a solid surrounding frame, automatic doors will ensure higher safety for users than conventional doors. In addition, automatic doors are manufactured to the highest standards in terms of both quality and requirements as the doors are always subject to minimum maintenance conditions.