Door control electric lock system is a companion to help bring security and order to each business. In the past, at businesses, cameras were often the first choice in terms of safety. However, the camera is only capable of monitoring but cannot control the security at the place of installation. Maybe so, door control electric lock system appeared to have brought an extremely effective defense solution. To learn more about this device, let's read the article below!

Hệ thống khóa điện kiểm soát cửa ra vào
Door control electric lock system

Introduction of electric door control lock system

The electric lock system is to control the entry and exit of an organization, business or family, thereby ensuring the safety of property as well as human life. 

  • Controlled area: Entrance area
  • Objects of control: Property and people

The current, door control electric lock system Commonly used with controllers, proximity cards or magnetic cards for authentication. In sensitive areas, they are used for security and keeping order. Depending on the purpose of using this system, there are many different types such as: RFID, biometric, door controller combined with card head, ...

Đôi nét về hệ thống khóa điện kiểm soát cửa
About the door control electric lock system

Why should you own an electric door control system?

In every business, owning an electric door control system is essential.

Power supply

From the intercom, reader, controller and electronic lock or strike release, this is necessary to power all those elements.


Intercoms are the easiest way to screen visitors to your facility before they can enter. Now you have video and audio options, they can be wired or not. To enter the building, a number also has a keypad that allows employees to enter a code. You just need to release the door or gate at the press of 1 button after talking to the customer who wants to enter. 

Remote controll

The part of the system that interprets the messages received from the reader element and decides whether to release the door or not is the controller. Users are identified through their login information like pin, card, fob, even fingerprint upon setup door control electric lock system. The controller uses a specific format that matches the format of the credentials and the reading device. It will send a message to the controller when someone enters the code or presents the card to the reader, will unlock the door if it recognizes the details.

Bộ điều khiển
Remote controll

Device reads and communicates for authentication

This is part of the electric lock system placed outside the door, when an employee wants to enter the building, to unlock the door they will enter a PIN code or present a card or fob. If the biometric reader being used can use a fingerprint, it all depends on the level of security required. The door will not be unlocked if the wrong code is entered, or the card or fob is not recognized. 

Electronic lock

When there is no signal from the control device, it is responsible for locking the door system, preventing the door from opening. This device can be an electric latch lock or a magnetic suction lock depending on the customer's choice.

Khóa chốt điện cho hệ thống kiểm soát truy cập cửa
Electric latch lock for door access control system

Features of door control electric lock system

Some features of the door control electric lock system are as follows:

  • Assign access rights for each group of people and individuals
  • Ensure fairness and transparency for everyone
  • Ensure security for the area using the system
  • Can be installed on many different types of doors

Units that supply and sell control equipment 

Here is some information about door control electric lock system now. To ensure the security and safety of the living area as well as the workplace, own this product right away.

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