The development of society has led to the strong development of technology, from public places such as hospitals, schools, companies to houses all becoming smart, bringing great utilities and amenities. Great for consumers. One of the factors contributing to that is the automatic sliding door. Today, Anh Khoa Automatic Door would like to introduce to you the genuine Panasonic automatic sliding door with the quietest operation.

What is panasonic automatic sliding door?

Automatic sliding door is a common term for several automatic door opening and closing systems. In general, the name Automatic sliding doors is based on their physical opening and closing mechanism.

Automatic sliding doors are the type that people see most often, they are present everywhere such as airports, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, they can be 1-leaf or 2-wing sliding usually wooden doors, aluminum doors, doors glass, etc., the product's advantage is that it can open up to 100 %. Bring convenience to users.

Cửa trượt tự động Panasonic dành cho văn phòng làm việc
Panasonic automatic sliding door for office

Features of Panasonic automatic sliding door

Panasonic is a large and extremely famous brand from Japan, known and used by many consumers around the world. In the field of automatic door opening, Panasonic always brings to the market the latest models, meeting the needs of customers and leading in this field.

Panasonic- Thương hiệu hàng đầu về thiết bị công nghệ
Panasonic- The leading brand in technology equipment

Panasonic automatic sliding doors bring outstanding advantages such as usability with high traffic density, fast opening and closing speed, safety, saving space, saving electricity, easy installation and maintenance.

Cửa mở tự động Panasonic
Panasonic automatic opening door

Automatic Panasonic door structure

Panasonic automatic sliding door includes the following parts:

- Doors: Usually made of 10, 12, 15 mm tempered glass... wrapped in aluminum, wooden frames, lead-lined stainless steel frames in hospital X-ray rooms....

- Automatic door rails: Rays are used to bear the force of automatic sliding doors, so the rails are placed on iron frames or on concrete columns on the floor, light doors can also be caught on glass, but limited because the glass doors can vibrate when running. light., in addition, there is a cover to cover the automatic accessories inside the rail and cover the dust.

- Door control device: Is the main control board of the system, automatic door operation, all door operation control signals, connection signals such as Fire Protection, magnetic card fingerprint machine ….and the door operation signal, then the processor gives the door operation result. The central control unit represents the advanced level of the device. Usually, the door control device has the highest cost of the device's accessories.

- Motor and gearbox: As the main transmission device of the door, the motor is attached to the gearbox with a pulley, a rotating gear pulley catches the serrated belt. The motor is controlled by the central control box. Some brands like SWICO have built-in Clock (lock) motor.

- Safety sensor: Including transmitter and receiver installed at the door, the purpose of the sensor is to detect people or objects at the entrance gate but transmit a signal to the central controller that does not close the door. even if there is a close order. Panasonic automatic sliding doors are often integrated with two types of sensors, which are activation sensors and support sensors.

There are also automatic door locks, sensor push buttons, exit mechanical buttons…

Bộ phận của cửa trượt tự động Panasonic
Parts of Panasonic automatic sliding door

Installing prestigious Panasonic automatic doors in Ho Chi Minh City

To choose the right Panasonic automatic door for your space, contact Anh Khoa Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. With modern technological equipment and a team of skilled workers with many years of experience, we will provide you with equipment such as the installation service of Panasonic automatic doors or other services such as Doors and Doors. With the best product quality and reasonable price compared to the current Panasonic automatic sliding door market in Vietnam, ensuring absolute satisfaction and safety for your home .

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