Currently, on the market, automatic sliding doors are popularly installed in many different construction projects. Because of the outstanding advantages that sliding doors bring, they are now widely used in all places, residential areas.

But compared to conventional sliding doors that require too much space to slide open, now on the market has appeared the most effective solution for this is the appearance of the line. curved sliding door, not only brings many installation benefits depending on the user's wishes, but also brings aesthetics to your project.

What are curved sliding doors?

Curved sliding door Automatic doors currently on the market are divided into full arc and semicircular automatic doors. Depending on the conditions of each different construction project, different types of arcs will be designed.

Cửa trượt cong tự động - ứng dụng, ưu điểm, báo giá
Curved sliding doors bring many benefits and high aesthetics

Curved automatic sliding door is designed with x . door characteristics

wow, with its own unique and delicate curved slide. Set up to perfection with the installed building. Along with that is the semicircular door design to save energy and control dust to get inside.

The automatic arch-shaped door helps the door to be extended to the full extent of the limited space in a certain limited space. It is a great product for buildings with a compact structure, providing comfort and convenience for you because it can provide a place to get in and out.

Applications of curved sliding doors

Currently, due to its diverse features and outstanding advantages, the curved sliding door automatically brought, making it easier than ever to apply it to life. Especially in constructions such as offices, restaurants, hotels, high-class apartments, shops, etc., to bring into full play their outstanding advantages in places with high traffic volume, avoiding collisions. human-to-human contact, reducing the risk of accidents like conventional opening doors. Make it easier to get in and out and control people entering and leaving the building more tightly.

Climate and weather as well as environmental problems in Vietnam are quite harsh. Therefore, most companies or civil works are now equipped with air conditioning inside the building. That's why when installing curved sliding door Automatically saves a lot of energy. When no one is present, the door will be closed.

Cửa trượt cong tự động - ứng dụng, ưu điểm, báo giá
Curved sliding doors are used in many places in many fields

Currently being popularized in many different projects. Especially in places with limited installation space, then curved sliding door automatic is a perfect choice.

Are you in need of installation? curved sliding door automatic? More models of the product line can be found at .We always have a team of consultants to support quickly and provide the perfect installation solution that is most suitable for the customer's project.

Anh Khoa Company would like to commit that the product quality is always genuine, reputable and has a stable price in the market. Always bring satisfaction and trust to all customers using products at our company. Enough width and comfortable space. Designed with transparent glass combined with delicate curves, it feels simple but no less luxurious.

Advantages of curved sliding doors

  • Here's a look at the salient features of this product:
  • Production unit with drive system, operation control can be set with complete peace of mind, the door can automatically open and close, easy to use, absolute safety. With the intelligent controller, it can be linked with many other safety protection sensors easily, having all the outstanding features of a sliding door line.
  • Easy to use in many places such as hotels, restaurants, high-class buildings, large companies, high-class apartments, ...
  • It is possible to prevent and limit the exchange of air and temperature inside and outside the building where it is installed.
  • Isolating sound effectively, reducing noise, limiting dust from the outside environment to the inside.
  • Save power consumption and energy. Having a long service life saves costs in many ways.
  • Bringing a sense of sophistication and luxury to consumers in terms of aesthetics.

Safety features of curved sliding doors

Thanks to the reliable operation of the drive and control system, the door can be opened and closed automatically and is easy to use. The intelligent controller can be linked to the safety protection sensor. The product has all the outstanding features of a sliding door line and is suitable for many installations.

Beautiful, modern curved sliding door models

Here, please refer to the samples curved sliding door The latest modern technology is being installed in many projects today.

Cửa trượt cong tự động - ứng dụng, ưu điểm, báo giá
Elegant and sophisticated door line
Cửa trượt cong tự động - ứng dụng, ưu điểm, báo giá
Restaurants, hotels, etc. are common places to install this type of door

Anh Khoa modern curved sliding door, prestige, quality, warranty

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Cửa trượt cong tự động - ứng dụng, ưu điểm, báo giá

Anh Khoa is proud to be a reputable and quality supplier of curved sliding doors

Anh Khoa is currently a unit specializing in providing these lines automatic door Quality assurance with all kinds of papers and product origin. Besides consulting on prices and designs suitable for customers, Anh Khoa also offers combo packages and other attractive incentives.

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