Today's automatic sliding door is gradually asserting its position in society because of the advantages it brings such as modernity and convenience, so it is easy to see the image of automatic sliding doors from everywhere. public such as schools, hospitals, to restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. Automatic sliding doors have many types and are used for many different purposes in life. The following article will introduce to you an automatic sliding door product from Smillion brand, please read for reference!

Advantages of automatic sliding door smillion

Smillion automatic sliding door is a product originating in Japan and extremely popular in Japan as well as other countries. Being in the top 10 most famous automatic door manufacturers in the world, Smillion always applies advanced technical achievements to improve its product models as a standard in technology & art of automatic sliding doors. Automatic sliding doors have a wing load of up to 300kg, long life, high durability and quiet operation.

Smillion automatic doors are often installed in projects that require high quality, aesthetics & absolute safety, places with high traffic density such as buildings, commercial centers, hospitals, customers. Hotel to office or home... With the ability to automatically open and close the door, it makes it easy for people to travel and go in and out. Especially for people with disabilities, the door will help them integrate with everyone more.

In addition, the installation of Smillion automatic sliding doors will bring customers the best shopping experience and service use of the business. Because they don't have to put things down and push the door to get out of the door, causing inconvenience in shopping.

Cửa trượt tự động Smillion mang lại nhiều ưu điểm
Smillion automatic sliding doors bring many advantages

Structure of automatic door smillion

Smillion automatic door is one of the most popular and popular self-closing door models on the market today. The operation of this door type is based on an intelligent operating system with the ability to receive signals, analyze and process, and transmit operating commands. The system is compactly set up inside the rail, with the operating principle of receiving the signal and activating the sliding door horizontally to help the door open and close automatically when people pass by.

Cửa trượt tự động Smillion
Smillion automatic sliding door

In terms of structure, Smillion automatic sliding door includes parts such as: Ray, lid, control board, electric motor, belt, pulley, wheel suspension, sensor, stopper, side cover, power transformer …

Cấu tạo của cửa trượt tự động Smillion
Structure of Smillion automatic sliding door

2-wing sliding door is responsible for receiving signals and activating the controller operated by control devices such as push buttons, remotes, sensors, etc. Especially the sensor (door opening and closing sensor) is capable of detecting obstacles and fully automatic opening and closing contributes to making the movement of people more convenient.

The sliding rail door is designed to automatically open and close by opening in two ways, when someone or an object approaches the double sliding glass door, it will receive a signal and slide neatly to both sides, acting as an invitation.

Photocell sensor accurately detects obstacles, if encountering obstacles, the 2-wing sliding glass door will automatically reverse.

Automatic sliding doors operate very gently and smoothly, in the absence of passersby, the automatic sliding doors will remain in the closed state to prevent dust and reduce noise.

Những thông số kỹ thuật cửa sản phẩm
Product door specifications

Where is the reputable place to install automatic doors?

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