Today, Cortech automatic doors are widely installed in shopping centers, hospitals, companies, offices, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores,... not only that, but now in constructions. Residents such as villas, villas, and penthouses are also very fond of this type of door.

Because of the outstanding features of Korean Cortech automatic doors have become very popular in the automatic door market in our country. If you have a need to install, please refer to and learn about the outstanding advantages of this type of automatic door.

What is Cortech automatic door?

Cortech doors are imported in Korea. Products are manufactured by CORTECH CO., LTD. Since 2003, this is one of the most professional automatic door system manufacturers in Korea.

Experts have had to spend 18 years researching and constantly developing and innovating techniques. Before being produced and put on the market to be able to reach customers, the automatic door has been strictly and thoroughly checked by a team of professional staff, carefully handling the processing processes from the internal structure to the main safety. outside of the door.

Currently, on the market in Vietnam, there are many automatic door brands from many different countries. However, it always has a high position in the hearts of customers because of its outstanding features and can be widely applied in many modern construction projects.

Cửa tự động Cortech với công nghệ tiên tiến bậc nhất
Cortech automatic doors with the most advanced technology

Benefits of using Cortech automatic doors

Following are some of the benefits for Cortech automatic door users:

- First, we must mention the convenience in living. You do not need to move your hands and feet to open the door, but through the sensor system, you can get in and out quickly and conveniently.

- Next is the safety of Cortech automatic doors. When there is a collision, the machine part will sense it, so you can use it with complete peace of mind.

- Smart design brings ultimate comfort. At the same time, the modern appearance brings a sense of luxury and is easy to install in any building. 

Sự tinh tế trong thiết kế cùng hệ thống thông minh hiện đại
The sophistication in design with modern intelligent system

Outstanding features of Cortech automatic doors

Let's learn about the outstanding advantages of Cortech automatic doors.

The automatic door brand from the Korean manufacturer Cortech is the preferred choice because it has a modern design that is not outdated, but along with an installation structure that helps to resist abrasion and rust, it is super durable and lasts for a long time. door use.

The outstanding advantages of cortech doors

Cortech automatic doors have the ability to connect easily and quickly with devices such as fingerprints and magnetic cards. Not only that, but there are also safety sensors, sensitive anti-fire safety, high security, easy control of the number of entrances and exits to the installation place. 

With a wide-area Korean technology sensor, extremely sensitive to collisions. So when using, you will be assured of safety, no longer worry about the risk of door jams, ...

Good soundproofing, the engine is gentle and smooth, does not make noise, 24/24 operation is absolutely safe without worrying about damage.

Many product lines, modern innovative designs give customers the freedom to choose the type of door that suits the space they want to install.

Cortech door structure Korea 

Cortech automatic door controller includes CE certified parts, safer, more comfortable. 

This is a simple structure of the Cortech automatic door line:

  • 01 control circuit Cortech CT803E.
  • 01 anti-wear aluminum alloy rail.
  • 01 DC motor 24 VDC.
  • 01 belt coil and power switch.
  • 02 travel stoppers and unloaded pulley.
  • 02 motion sensor eyes.
  • 02 floor directions for the door.
  • 04 automatic door rollers.

Quotation for automatic doors Cortech

The following is the market price with different differences depending on the case:

  1. Clear wing 2m rail 4.2m: 16,500,000 VND
  2. Clear wing 2.4m rail 4.8m : 17,500,000 VND
  3. Clear wing 3m rail 6m(rail 3mx2) : 18,500,000 VND
  4. Door sensor (magic eye): 1,500,000 VND
  5. Safety sensor 1bem (Safety sensor): 1,500,000 VND
  6. Touch switch (Wired button): 1,200,000 VND
  7. Touch switch (wireless) (Wireless buttons (2 pieces/set) ): 3,500,000 VND
  8. Glass clamp (drill hole) : 200,000 VND
  9. Glass clamp (no holes drilled) : 300,000 VND
  10. U stainless steel M : 85,000 VND
  11. 304 stainless steel faceplate: 550,000 VND
  12. Installation labor: 1,000,000 VND (package)
  13. Installation labor: 1,500,000 VND (automatic equipment)
  14. Installation labor: 500,000 VND VND (magic eye/sensor/moto)

Reputable Cortech automatic door installer

Currently, on the market there are many installation units, but when you choose our company will bring satisfaction and quality reputation to customers. We are always ready to support and advise you throughout the process of using products and services.

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