Barrier system


Barrier system


Why should you buy a car barrier is always a recent question of everyone. People wonder about the structure of the barrier, what are the benefits of using a car barrier and which installation unit should be trusted. The article below we will answer all your questions, don't miss it.

What is Barrier?

Car barrier is an automatic electrically operated barrier used to separate lanes, regulate traffic, control and ensure security and order in parking lots, buildings, apartments, companies, and factories. , charging station, …

Currently on the market there are 3 types of barriers that are extremely popular and are used everywhere: straight rods, folding booms and fences (barriers). Inside:

  • Barriers need to be straight to be used at the aisles of apartment buildings, administrative offices, commercial centers, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, etc. to ensure safety and easier control of areas.
  • The folding barrier has a minimalist folding design, which saves space and avoids collisions in narrow areas, especially suitable for parking tunnels.
  • The type of fence is usually only used in areas that need strict security control such as military zones, important economic areas and administrative offices.
Barrier là gì?
What is Barrier?

Construction of automatic car guardrails

The types of automatic barrier car barrier currently include 3 main parts:

Barrier body

  • The body of the barrier has a cylindrical shape, so it is also called a cylindrical barrier, made from aluminum and stainless steel, the outside is covered with a layer of electrostatic paint depending on the color you choose.
  • Inside the barrier body contains a modern automatic system including: springs, control board to receive information, electric motor to help operate.

Barrier bar

  • Barrier barriers are divided into 3 types depending on the needs of use: straight rods, folding barriers and barrier barriers.
  • The barrier bar made from hollow aluminum reduces the load of the bar significantly, supports the lifting and lowering of the bar, limiting the risk of breakage and increasing safety for consumers.
  • The length of the barrier bar can be installed up to a maximum of 8m. The powder coating color of the bar can be customized depending on the needs and preferences of the areas. Recently, reflective colors are also used a lot to ensure customer safety at night.


  • Needles are most often used in areas such as: parking gates, offices, toll stations, businesses, ...
  • Need to fold for use in spaces with limited height such as building basements, ...
  • Barriers in areas that need to ensure a high level of security such as military headquarters, state agencies, ...

Door openers and accessories

  • The closing devices of the barrier include sensors with magnetic cards, buttons, remote controls, ...
  • Safety sensors can be added to ensure safety and easy control for consumers. The sensor can detect obstacles by infrared and reverse the bar so it is very reliable.
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Construction of automatic car guardrails

Benefits of using automatic car barriers

  • Easily control vehicles especially at toll stations and parking lots.
  • The speed of opening and closing of the barrier is fast, there is no noise, so it is very convenient.
  • Streamlining and regulating traffic effectively, avoiding traffic jams.
  • Increase safety and build a professional working environment image.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors to match the space and enhance the aesthetic.
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Benefits of using automatic car barriers

Reputable automatic barrier installation unit

Currently, Anh Khoa unit is one of the leading facilities providing automatic barrier bars with many different designs and colors, you can choose according to your preferences, and at the same time, the price is reasonable. Excellent service quality that you can put your trust in us. Please contact us for consultation and order.