Construction and installation automatic hospital door is one of the advanced applications being applied in many large and small hospitals today. In order to bring convenience to the staff, officials, patients as well as families when going in and out of the hospital.

In addition, it also helps young patients and the elderly can go back and forth easily. Let's learn about the benefits and functions of the product through the following article!

About the current automatic hospital door

The door models are designed specifically in special areas such as X-ray room, operating room automatic hospital door. For doctors to perform their duties, doors are used for the purpose of providing a clean, quiet and professional environment. 

Compared with other common doors, the design, materials and installation of this product line will have more differences. The glass wing is protected by impact-resistant shaped stainless steel.

In the field of automatic doors, these are high-end designs that require more stringent requirements in terms of durability, control style, hygiene, materials, etc.

The main structure of the current automatic hospital door

Automatic hospital door Similar to other conventional automatic doors. They are designed with the following main components:

  • Door controller
  • motor
  • Hanging ears
  • The wheel consists of 2 parts: The wheel part is connected to the hanging ear and the glass clamp is fixed to the motion navigation part.
  • Belt
  • Hanging rails and lids
  • Aluminum rail
  • The lid can be stainless steel or aluminum
  • In addition to the main equipment as above, the product also need some other equipment to complete such as: Magic eye (usually used with automatic glass doors in emergency rooms); some other opening and closing devices such as electric lock, foot kick button, elbow push button, etc., depending on the purpose and installation location to choose the right product.

Outstanding advantages of automatic hospital doors

With modern people's life, automatic doors are no longer strange. It brings us safety, security, convenience, high security. Model only automatic hospital door will have more distinct advantages:

Instead of using normal gaskets, the door will use seals. When opening the door, it will push out to fill all the openings so that the door is completely sealed, which is a feature of this type of gasket. On the other hand, this type of gasket has high durability, can be used for a long time without needing to be changed.

Modern hospital door with many outstanding advantages

It is possible to control the access schedule specifically at the smart door controller. In order to help the door operate smoothly, conveniently and easily when the medical staff moves, the mechanical system is also designed with high precision.

Hospital automatic doors will help clinics become more professional and modern. Not only that, it will help affirm the hospital's facilities and services to a new level when choosing to install this type of door. 

Features of an automatic hospital door required

  • Has flame retardant function, antibacterial function, wear-resistant function, easy to clean, has large traffic and a variety of germs.
  • Anti-collision, durable and no deformation.
  • Good moisture resistance.

Standards on installation, requirements and functions of automatic hospital doors

The section below will provide you with the standards, requirements and functions that the door should have.

Standard hospital automatic door installation required to ensure safety and cleanliness

First, are the requirements for the tightness of automatic hospital doors. Consists of:

  • The voltage used for the electrical control part should be a wide range.
  • For doors made of stainless steel, color steel plates, powder coated steel plates, etc. are used on the outside surface.
  • Electrical controls must comply with relevant standards to avoid interference with medical equipment.
  • Motor reducers need to be specially made to minimize noise and meet cleanroom requirements for noise.

Second, are the special requirements for the function

  • Non-contact proximity sensors are used, such as a hand pressure sensor or a foot kick sensor.
  • The door must have the function of deceleration, anti-clamp and reversing when encountering obstacles.
  •  There must be a connection port to the backup battery.
  • The door needs to work properly in an environment with a temperature of -20 degrees C - 50 degrees C and a relative humidity of 80%.

Requirements for automatic hospital door control equipment

  • Powerful engine: Power and acceleration, deceleration control.
  • The drive wheels are large and smooth on the tracks.
  • The sensor is responsible for collecting signals from the outside and notifying the controller.
  • The type of belt must be suitable for the large polley to drive the engine power and the wheel, the weight of the door.
  • Remote controll automatic hospital door – This is the control center. It coordinates different device actions together to form a complete operating system.
Hospital automatic doors have specific installation standards and functional requirements

The indispensable functions of automatic hospital doors

The delay of automatic hospital door is a special function. The goal is to make the door stay open for a certain amount of time and then close.

This function is very important when children and the elderly pass by.

Stopping the moving door is also an important function, but special devices such as fire doors should not use this feature.

Signs that the automatic hospital door is not working properly

Things to note when detecting abnormalities of automatic hospital door:

  • If the door does not open properly, you need to check that the door motor is working properly.
  • Is the sensor of the door normal, the input, the output of the sensor signal, and whether there are foreign objects in the track.
  • If there is a problem, stop using it immediately, ask the manufacturer to solve it, and do not disassemble it yourself.
  • Attention must be paid to the joints of the door technical parts, the structure must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure sensitive opening and closing.

Top 3 popular types of specialized automatic hospital doors today

Clean room automatic door

High-class automatic door system with seal structure ensures absolute tightness, in order to prevent the penetration of bacteria and pathogens is the clean room door. For convenience of observation and inspection, the door is made of quality aluminum frame with tempered glass.

Clean room automatic door

Automatic door for X-ray room

Allows the user to open both the outside and the inside with materials made of stainless steel, the door is fitted with stainless steel hinges. In a sterile closed room the door can be used, in addition, the door can be opened/closed automatically without the use of tools or hand push.

Automatic door for X-ray room

Operating room automatic door

In order to ensure absolute tightness, the operating room automatic door is designed with a seal system. Besides, to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the room, the door is also designed with an automatic locking system and an interlock (for rooms with many doors).

At the same time, it prevents unauthorized people from entering and is convenient for pushing the patient's cassette into the operating room.

Operating room automatic door

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