Automatic swing gate


Automatic swing gate

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Automatic swing gate


Automatic swing gate


Automatic swing gate


Automatic swing gate

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Automatic swing gate

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At present, technical technology is increasingly developed and applied strongly in many fields, including the system automatic gate open.

This is a much more intelligent and improved type of gate than the gates using traditional locks and keys. Thanks to its structure and outstanding advantages, this product has been widely applied in the market, as well as trusted by many customers.

What is an automatic gate opener?

Automatic swing gate is a group system automatic gate is installed automatically for the traditional gate capable of opening or closing automatically without direct impact from human force. Normally, this type of gate is widely applied in many environments: offices, banks, restaurants, store systems, smart houses...

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Automatic gate opening and closing – Smart entrance system

Structure of two-wing automatic gate opening system

Automatic swing gate The two wings will have the following main structures:

  • Controller (Controller Circuit Board)

This is a controller that helps process data extremely quickly, can be directly connected to surveillance camera systems, alarm systems and has a timer switch, setting door opening speed and gate holding time. easily, helping you to be more proactive in controlling the door.

  • The motor helps the door to work

This is an important part to help the door move, push out / pull in completely automatically thanks to signals from control devices.

  • Gate control device

This is a sensor device used to open / close the gate such as: Remote remote, integrated with phone or push button. 

  • Anti-clamp sensor

This is a part that tracks the path of the gate and the closing edges of the gate. In case of detecting obstacles or collisions, the gate will ensure the fastest and most timely handling to avoid causing danger.

  • Alloy aluminum rails and belts

The rail box, also known as aluminum alloy rail, contains all parts such as: controller, motor, belt, etc. It has a length from 3m to 6m to suit different needs of use. , made from rust-resistant aluminum alloy.

The belt is used to connect the rotating shafts to make the door operate more smoothly. This type of wire is divided into 2 types: Umbrella core and steel core. Usually, steel core belts will be more durable.

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Structure of automatic opening door

It can be seen that, thanks to this structure, automatic gate open will help you not need to get out of the car to open / close the door and do not need to worry about external impacts causing the gate to be pushed out.

Two motors in the door, when receiving power, will generate traction for the gate to open/close automatically. Along with the controller installed on the gate post, it will help you easily set the specifications of the time, the speed of the gate opening and closing...

It can be seen that this gate not only creates architectural beauty but also elevates the building to become more modern, classy and modern.

Classification of automatic open gates today

Beautiful automatic gate opener Currently, there are the following popular and popular gate types:

  • Gate automatic swing arm assembly

This type of gate is electrically controlled opening and closing with two gate opener motors (levers) installed directly on the gate. The operation system of this gate type will take place in a control box with a fast data processing chip, good sensor.

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Just assembling the lever turns a normal gate into an automatic opening and closing gate
  • Automatic opening gate under the floor

This type of gate has a motor installed underground in a galvanized or rust-proof steel box. This type is quite durable, does not make noise but is very smooth and has high aesthetics.

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Automatic floor opening gates increase aesthetics and modernity
  • Automatic sliding gate opener

There are also gates slide (sliding wing). This type of gate will use the rotation of the motor to open and close the gate. The motor system will be placed on the ground with the effect of sliding the sliding gate. Above the gate will attach a serrated bar system and connect to the electric motor.

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Automatic sliding gate

Price list of automatic two-wing gate opening in Anh Khoa

Gate load <150kg/wing

Opening/closing speed: 150-600mm/s

Electric motor: DC 24V/55W . brushless DC motor

Equipment details: Control computer, pulley, belt, electric motor, magic eye, roller, alloy rail, ...

Model: K-2

Load capacity: 100kg (open 2 wings), 120kg (1 wing open)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.2M . long alloy slide

Model: TH3

Load capacity: 120kg (open 2 wings), 150kg (1 wing open)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.2M . long alloy slide

Model: Telescopic TH-W2

Load capacity: 130kg (opening 2 wings), 90kg (opening sliding 4 wings)

Clearance: 2.0M – 4.5M . long alloy slide

Clearance 2.0m – Aluminum alloy sliding rail 4.0m
Clearance 2.0m – Aluminum alloy sliding rail 4.0m

Since this is a system with many mounting components attached, it can be difficult to visualize through text.

So if you are interested and want to know more information about the above products, then you just need to immediately contact Anh Khoa Company for detailed advice at: 090 458 7544

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of automatic gate opener

Automatic swing gate is a modern device with the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Good security system

Thanks to the tight structure, automatic opening and closing gate combined with electric clutch lock to ensure that it cannot be pulled open when not being driven. In addition, the gate can also automatically connect to remote CCTV cameras, video bells, anti-theft systems... In order to maximize safety without any intrusion into your house. 

  • Easy to control without too much effort

Thanks to the automatic and motor characteristics will help save time and effort, you don't need to go down to open the door, just wait a few seconds for the gate to open automatically. This is very convenient no matter what vehicle you travel with with just one button of the remote control.

Besides, when a guest comes to your house, you don't have to rush down to open the door, but just stand in the house/upstairs to open the door with the remote control, then slowly go down to receive the guests, very convenient. .

  • Easy to install as you like

If you are a person who forgets to close the gate, you can set the gate to close after a certain time through the control board. Besides, thanks to this controller, you can easily set the door holding time, opening speed, etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of automatic doors


Each type of automatic gate will have its own disadvantages, but when installing this system, there will be mainly disadvantages as follows:

  • Because this is a modern system, using advanced technology and machinery, regular maintenance is required to avoid damage and prolong the life of the automatic system.
  • The installation cost is quite high, so not everyone can install it automatic gate open.

Causes and ways to fix common errors in automatic opening gates

Next, we will cover some common mistakes when using templates automatic opening and closing gate so you can foresee the problem and how to fix it:

  • Automatic swing gate does not stop in the right position as you want

If there is a situation where the gate stops before closing, you need to check to see if something is entangled in the rails. If not, you need to contact a professional repair company for technicians to check, repair and replace parts if necessary.

  • Error of control board failure

This is also the cause of the failure to close / open the door because of a fault, leading to the condition of not receiving the signal from the remote. Usually, this error is caused by dust and insects entering, so you need to clean or maintain it regularly.

  • Motor is broken

You need to open the top of the stacking gate containing the electric motor. Carefully check some parts such as the board, the line, etc. to see if anything unusual happens. If there is no fault inside, it could be an electromagnet fault. The solution is that you need to put the magnet in the right position with the signal face, if not, you should immediately call the gate repair unit for help. 

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The reason for the gate to open and close is faulty

In addition, there are a number of other errors that need to be fixed or replaced, if you are not knowledgeable about gate repair, the best way is to contact a repair unit for quick support.

How to choose the right automatic gate opener

Currently, with the need of modernization, people prefer to use smart systems and devices, so when choosing gates with automatic opening and closing technology, you need to choose the type of gate that suits your needs. , economy and aesthetics of the whole project, specifically:

  • You should decide whether to use automatic gate open Is it a sliding gate or an open gate, a 1-leaf or 2-leaf gate...
  • Should choose the type of background, sliding gate or swing arm and how much power to use accordingly.
  • It is necessary to consider how the gate system using the motor has the principle of operation to suit your requirements.
  • Large, heavy gates need to use a control system with a large capacity and carrying capacity. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how to choose the gate to both save costs and not consume a lot of electrical energy.

The unit that installs the quality automatic gate opening system Anh Khoa

Anh Khoa Company - the unit that installs modern gate models prestige and guarantee of genuine and high quality 100%, so customers can rest assured to use our services.

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Anh Khoa - quality automatic gate installer

Currently, our company can provide customers with many types of automatic doors from famous brands such as: Panasonic, Cuppon, Doortech, Metaxdoor, Woosung ... with competitive and reasonable installation cost with reasonable price. all customer needs.

Besides, Anh Khoa Company also owns a team of skilled technicians with more than 15 years of experience in project installation and quick repair. 

If you are looking for an installer automatic gate open Please contact Anh Khoa Company immediately to get support from a team of consultants today!

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