Tan Viet Duc Company instructs how to recognize safe rolling doors

Reason The main cause of rolling door problems originates from the user's consciousness, the secondary cause is the manufacturer.

+ Currently, the improper use of rolling doors is the main cause of rolling door clamping. Most consumers are often interested in inexpensive devices, this habit is not bad. However, if you keep this habit, it will be a danger when you buy a poor quality rolling door, causing danger during use. Therefore, choosing a reputable rolling door installation address is essential in recognizing safe rolling doors.

+ Because in the process of use, you do not maintain the habit of cleaning the rolling door regularly, leading to the situation that the roller door is dusty, the dust deposits are trapped in the engine causing unsafety during the use of the rolling door. .

Rolling door is not safe by the supplier

Grasping the needs of consumers to use roller shutters, some suppliers of roller shutters, for the sake of profit, have imported some poor quality roller shutters, often imitations of genuine roller shutters. These types of rolling doors usually originate from China. So if you are not alert enough, you will buy these types of rolling doors by mistake, causing unsafety during the use of the roller.

Criteria to identify safe rolling doors

  • Should choose a reputable rolling door installation address to choose for themselves a type of safe rolling door.
  • Safety rolling doors are doors with integrated ARC technology capable of generating billions of jump codes per operation. ARC technology is capable of breaking the rolling door code to prevent thieves from breaking into the house.
  • Safety roller doors have the ability to automatically reverse when encountering any obstacles.
  • With clutch latch; alarm siren.
  • It is capable of opening and closing automatically and can be opened manually in case of power failure.