What is CE standard? Regulations and products requiring CE certification

Tiêu chuẩn CE là gì?

What is CE standard?

CE stands for Conformité Européenne, which means Compliance with European Standards. CE certification is a European Union (EU) safety directive indicating that a product has passed certain tests and is allowed to be sold on the EU market and the European Economic Area. The CE standard is adapted to the rules and techniques in advanced industrial countries and other countries in the bloc. Based on CE standards, exporting countries can compare and certify each other's product quality in the EU through common policies. Products with CE certification mean that it has complied with the laws of the European Union EU and is free to trade in these countries' markets.

However CE is not a quality certificate or a certificate of origin, but rather an administrative mark that is not intended for customers or consumers. CE as a form of product notification meets EU standards. 

Tiêu chuẩn CE là gì?
What is CE standard?

Products now need CE certification

Products that need CE marking include: 

STT Product's name CE code
1 Medical device implanted under the skin 90/385/EEC
2 Gas power equipment 2009/142/Ec
3 Cables carrying people 2000/9/EC
4 Electrical and electronic equipment 2014/30/EU
5 Civil explosives 93/15/EEC
6 Hot water boiler 92/42/EEC
7 Cartons for packing 94/62/EC
8 In vitro diagnostic medical equipment 98/79/EC
9 Elevator 2014/33/EU
10 Low voltage 2014/35/EU
11 Industrial machinery 2006/42/EC
12 Measuring Instruments 2004/22/EC
13 Medical equipment 93/42/EEC
14 Single pressure device 2014/29/EU
15 Equipment and protection systems for use in explosive spaces 94/9/EC
16 Non-automatic weighing instruments 2009/23/EC
17 Personal protective equipment 89/686/EEC
18 Pressure Equipment 2014/68/EU
19 Firework 2007/23/EC
20 Wired and wireless telecommunications terminals 2014/53/EU
21 Yacht 94/25/EC
22 Safe toys 2009/48/EC
23 Building materials EU No 305/2011


Products including chemicals, drugs, food, cosmetics do not need CE marking. 

Các sản phẩm hiện nay cần chứng nhận CE
Products now need CE certification

Regulations on CE marking on products

The issue of CE marking on products is also strictly regulated by the European Union. Each product has its own labeling requirements, with some important things to keep in mind: 

  • The CE marking must be placed in a position that is not obscured by other logos. 
  • The size of the CE mark must keep the original ratio, not depending on the weight of the product, but increase the size arbitrarily. 
  • The CE mark is placed vertically and the size should not be less than 5mm.

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