What is the magic eye? How to install magic eyes for doors today

Mắt thần là gì?

With the development of science and technology, it also entails other industries, especially security, you know the magic eye but you don't know what the magic eye is, it has such uses. any. Let our Anh Khoa help you answer the question of what is magic eye, where to buy magic eye to be safe and effective, let's find out these things through the article below right now.

What is the magic eye?

To find out for the question what is the magic eye? We can start with the magic eye, also known as the cat's eye, the door binoculars. It helps you to be able to observe who is standing at your door, helping you decide whether to open the door or not; Magic eye with wide viewing angle helps you observe the corners under the door, protect the safety of you and your family and avoid dangers such as theft. So we were able to answer the question what is the magic eye?

Mắt thần là gì?
What is the magic eye?
Tác dụng của mắt thần
The effect of the magic eye

Structure of the magic eye attached to the door

After learning the concept of what is the magic eye? We will start to learn what the structure of the eye is, with its characteristics:

The cat's eye or the door-mounted magic eye is usually made of alloy, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. The special feature of the eyes is that the structure of the binoculars consists of a concave lens and a convex lens. That helps outsiders who can't see through the god's eyes to see into the house.

With the structure of the magic eye is a cylinder consisting of many lenses. The lens layer of the eye usually consists of 4 layers installed inside the tube. The magic eye has a viewing angle of ordinary lenses from 180 to 200 degrees to help users observe the whole scene. The eyepiece of the lens is usually composed of two tubes. They are connected to each other by vortex threads. This thread can be changed in length to match the thickness of the door.

Cấu tạo của mắt thần
The structure of the divine eye

On the market currently, there are usually 3 colors that are white, brown and yellow. With different architectural styles, customers can choose the right color for their home. Classical and luxurious architectural works often match the golden eye of the god.

Các mẫu mắt thần
Models of magic eyes

Brown magic eye is often chosen for dark doors. The white tone of the god's eyes will be more beautiful if combined with modern and elegant works. Customers can choose the magic eye to attach the door to match the color of the door latch, door lock. This will help your door have a uniform synchronization, it will be more eye-catching.

Instructions for installing magic eyes for doors

When you have learned what is the magic eye? The structure of the body eye, we will continue to learn about how to install the magic eye for the door.

The process of installing magic eyes for doors is very simple, it consists of a few steps as follows:

  • Take your family's height measurement to mark the location of the door so that it can fit all members of your family.
  • Before drilling, you need to stick tape on the position where you need to place the magic eye to prevent the door from breaking, to ensure that the mounting position is smooth and not rough.
  • Should drill from small drill to large drill, drill calmly, slowly. And when drilling, you should note the size of the magic eye.
  • After drilling is complete, you remove the glue and clean the drill hole, remove the thread of the magic eye, install the magic eye in place, fix the magic eye and then tighten it with a screwdriver.
Cách lắp mắt thần
How to install magic eyes

A few notes when we install magic eyes.

– In order for the eyes not to be interfered by infrared radiation from the sun, we should not install the magic eye in a position where it is directly exposed to sunlight.

– Do not install the magic eye position below the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, it will cause the magic eye sensor to work incorrectly, so we should avoid installing the body eye in this position.

– Because the sensor is a low-resistance type, it is best to limit installation near high voltage places, so it is best not to install magic eyes near the power cord (high voltage)

– In order for the sensor to operate effectively, it is recommended not to install the eyepiece where there is vibration.

– Do not install the sensor indoors to outdoors, although in a position where the eyes are not directly exposed to rain and sun, it will make the eyes easily damaged leading to poor performance.

– The best location for mounting the door god eye is at the level of the user's eye level on the main door set of the building. Its combination with door lock, safety latch will help ensure the safety of everyone in the house.

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