Automatic Door Limits Covid 19 Infection – Prestigious Construction and Installation

Nguyên tắc hoạt động của cửa tự động dựa trên hiện tượng cảm biến, và khi cảm biến được kích hoạt lên thì cửa sẽ tự động đóng mở

Automatic doors are often encountered in supermarkets, large and small commercial centers, ... to serve the needs of users. That's why, the current automatic door is also quite developed in the market, one of which must be mentioned the model Automatic door to limit Covid. In the article below, we will provide some information related to this topic for your reference.

The demand for automatic door installation is increasing today

Automatic doors are known as modern door products, with automatic opening and closing features without manual force. This type of door is often arranged in hotels, hospitals, airports, supermarkets, commercial centers or large companies, etc., even as room spaces, to help make the building space more modern and luxurious. important. Its working principle is based on the sensing phenomenon, and when the sensor is activated, the door will automatically open and close. 

Installation needs automatic door to limit covid Currently increasing because this product can meet a number of criteria as follows:

  • Diversify designs, sizes, features and optimize costs;
  • Convenient for users thanks to the sensitive sensor system, no need to touch the door to open the door;
  • Create luxury, increase the aesthetic and brand class of the place where automatic glass doors are mounted;
  • Safe to use, no problems such as jamming hands or taking a lot of strength to open the door;
  • Saving energy costs: automatic doors are considered the optimal solution in terms of electricity costs because often these areas will be air-conditioned. At that time, the automatic door will limit the flow of air out by its operation.
Nguyên tắc hoạt động của cửa tự động dựa trên hiện tượng cảm biến, và khi cảm biến được kích hoạt lên thì cửa sẽ tự động đóng mở
The principle of operation of automatic doors is based on the phenomenon of sensing, and when the sensor is activated, the door will automatically open and close.

Why do automatic doors help limit the spread of Covid?

Nowadays Automatic door to limit Covid increasingly popular in the current complicated disease situation, the virus that causes Covid can survive and spread in the air. Therefore, if you go to crowded places such as supermarkets, hospitals, commercial centers, etc., it is necessary to limit contact with public items such as doors. 

Once installed Automatic door to limit Covid users do not need to touch the door, even for people with disabilities; When you go shopping, you need to carry a lot of things and don't have to worry about opening the door yourself. Depending on the needs as well as the construction site, one will choose one of the following types of automatic doors for installation, namely automatic sliding doors, automatic opening doors, automatic layered sliding doors, and automatic revolving door.

Cửa tự động hạn chế Covid ngày càng được ưa chuộng trong tình hình dịch bệnh diễn biến phức tạp như hiện tại
Automatic doors to limit Covid are increasingly popular in the current complicated epidemic situation

But when considering the installation automatic door to limit covid, the management unit also needs to consider arranging a regular cleaning and maintenance team to ensure normal operation of the door. It is even necessary to have a team of technical staff on duty to promptly handle the problem as soon as an unexpected incident occurs.

Where to install reputable automatic doors?

Currently on the market there are many units that provide consulting and construction services automatic door to limit covid Package with affordable price and good quality. Therefore, customers need to consider carefully before choosing a support unit.

Thi công lắp đặt cửa tự động uy tín ở đâu?
Where to install reputable automatic doors?

With many years of experience in this field, Anh Khoa Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. has all the qualifications to accompany customers in the process of construction and installation of automatic doors of all kinds. After listening to the needs of our customers, we will propose the most optimal solution to help customers make the most appropriate choice.

Hopefully with some information about door automatic limit covid The above has helped people understand more about this issue and consider investing in the aforementioned door set if necessary. For more information, please contact us via Hotline 0904587544 for quick advice.

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