Structure and operating principle of automatic floor-mounted doors

Cửa tự động âm sàn

The first thing when we enter a house is the door, the automatic floor-mounted door is an indispensable thing in modern homes. Floor-mounted automatic doors also ensure the aesthetics of your home, helping to save space. So what are automatic floor-mounted doors, what types of automatic doors are on the market, let's learn about automatic floor-mounted doors with Anh Khoa through the article below.

What is an automatic floor gate?

With houses with modern design, will come with gates or doors with special designs with luxurious textures, your combination with automatic floor-mounted doors will make your house even more modern. Grand.

Cửa tự động âm sàn
Automatic door under the floor
Cấu tạo của cửa tự động âm sàn
Structure of automatic door under the floor

Automatic underfloor doors or underfloor automatic gates are doors that can be automatically opened via remote control, these doors have an apparatus placed below the door, helping to ensure aesthetics and save money. Saving space for homeowners, making opening and closing the door easy, bringing a modern feeling to the house.

The advantages of underfloor gates

Floor-mounted automatic doors have many different advantages, and some floating advantages such as:

  • The gate can be controlled remotely via remote control, there are many modes such as opening and closing 1 wing, opening and closing 2 wings, no labor required for opening and closing the gate. Extremely save space for installation.
  • They have solid construction, are designed and manufactured with durable materials, operate reliably, special mechanisms are placed out of sight that are resistant to vandalism; Resistant to environmental influences such as water, wind, and sun.
  • Conventional gates use hinges to prevent the gate opening angle from being large, but floor-mounted automatic doors use different swing arm designs that make the gate opening angle wider and more convenient for your work. Friend; This flexibility can meet the needs of factories, enterprises, where the truck is large, the gate needs to be opened larger without the need for personnel.
  • When installed for buildings, housing with high aesthetics will be extremely luxurious because you can choose different materials to bring unity to your home; In addition, the equipment of automatic doors under the floor are placed on the ground to ensure the aesthetics of your home.

What equipment does the floor automatic gate include?

Automatic underground gates or automatic doors under the floor have a few main devices, including:

Các thiết bị của cửa tự động âm sàn
Devices of automatic floor-mounted doors
  • The gate of the automatic floor-mounted gate includes an automatic gate: consists of 2 wings that can be opened and closed, each lower end is attached to the swing arm of the gate motor, the upper end is attached to the gate. reinforcement above the column. With gates of 4-wing type, each side is divided into 2 wings, wing 1 is fastened on the floor-mounted rotating shaft, the upper part is welded with a rotating bearing like 2 wings. With automatic door under the floor can open and close freely.
  • Different brands have open motors plus different ways of installing equipment, currently on the market there are many types with modern advanced functions, convenience, durability of different brands, so the price is very reasonable. It is also different depending on the needs of the customer, so choose the right product.
Mô tơ cửa tự động âm sàn
Underfloor automatic door motor
  • Floor-mounted automatic doors have safety sensors including transmitters and receivers assembled on top of 2 gate columns, the purpose of which is to help identify objects or people standing or passing through the area around the gate and then transmit signals. signal to the central electrical cabinet to control the door to open or close automatically. The sensor has a very smart effect that can prevent the problem of clamping people or objects at the door, besides the door opens and closes more safely to ensure the safety of the user, in addition, depending on the purpose of use, it can be used for the gate. open and close automatically...

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