What is auto safety sensor? Operation function

Độ phát hiện tín hiệu của bộ cảm biến tự động

When installing automatic doors, safety sensors must be used to ensure that the doors operate more stably and efficiently. In the control circuit of the automatic door manufacturers on the market, there is an extension function to connect to the sensor. The safety sensor only works during the closing stroke of the door, unlike the door opening sensor, this sensor works when the door is in the closed and open state.

What is a safety sensor?

Safety sensor (photoelectric sensor, beam sensor ...) is a type of photoelectric sensor that can detect obstacles (people, objects, goods ...) in its control area. When detecting an obstacle, the safety sensor will emit an ONOFF signal, so it can be used for device control purposes.

Safety sensors are widely applied in the field of automatic doors to ensure the safety of people, goods... when going through automatic doors and gates.

Độ phát hiện tín hiệu của bộ cảm biến tự động
Signal detection level of auto sensor

Function of safety sensor

The safety sensor uses IR infrared sensing technology where the infrared emitter and detector are placed opposite each other. When an object passes between them, the sensor detects the object. When an object is detected, the signal is detected. It is analyzed. through the receiver and convert this signal into a standard signal to the control circuit. The safety sensor only works when the door in the picture is closed. So if someone passes through the eye of the safety sensor, the door won't work.

Những bộ phận của bộ cảm biến an toàn tự động
Components of automatic safety sensors

– As one of the automatic door accessories (optional) when installed on automatic door devices. The safety sensor, also known as the anti-grip sensor, has the function of preventing the door from closing when the door is in the closing stroke. This helps to avoid collision when the person or object is standing and moving within the blind spot of the sensor eye and is not being held by the door during closing.

Kích thước bộ cảm biến an toàn tự động
Automatic safety sensor size

– All automatic door manufacturers have the function of connecting safety sensors (in the control circuit), and the safety sensor can be shared with current automatic door manufacturers, but remember the size active mode with safety sensor in control circuit. All brands of automatic doors are pre-activated, such as e.g. Dream, Panasonic, DNG…

Why install automatic doors should use safety sensors?

According to research, 100% automatic door manufacturers recommend that customers use safety sensors during installation and operation. Some Japanese automatic door manufacturers have included safety sensors in their kits. Basic set (standard). 

Most customers using automatic doors have our supplier recommend using safety sensors. For places that use automatic doors for access control. 

Cảm biến an toàn tự động
Automatic safety sensor

We always recommend customers to use additional safety sensors during installation. So is the safety sensor important or not? When it comes to optional accessories for automatic doors, the most useful functional option is the safety sensor. 

Next is the function switching or function selection, because the safety sensor helps to detect the person or object in a stationary state. Enter the gap between the door or the blind spot of the sensor eye.

Safety sensor operation procedure

The operation of the safety sensor is relatively simple. The eyepiece (security sensor) is installed in the center of the door to detect people or objects in the center of the door and transmit the signal to the door. The circuit helps not to close. When the automatic door is in the process of closing, someone passing by the door will automatically open to avoid entrapment of people or moving objects.

Quy trình hoạt động của cảm biến an toàn
Working process of safety sensor

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