What is a bullet? Using bearings in automatic doors today

Bạc đạn

In the era of increasingly modern and advanced machines, details are replaced or redesigned accordingly, but there are also extremely important small details that cannot be replaced such as bearings, it It has many different uses and functions. Automatic doors are also used in the design and manufacture of automatic doors. Today, let's find out with Anh Khoa about what bearings are, how is it different from automatic door bearings through the article below.

What is a bullet? What to do?

Bearing concept

Bearings are also known as ball bearings, ball bearings, It is a very important mechanical transmission detail. They are called bearings because to distinguish them from oil bearings, a type of plain bearing. The structure of the ball bearings is the bearings with balls with spherical or straight cylinders or tapered cylinders to create rolling friction for the bearings. 


Bạc đạn
Ball bearing

Uses of bearings

  • Good bearing capacity: Bearings are designed to be compact but capable of withstanding large loads and in many different directions. In different operating environments, we can choose different types of bearings to be more suitable.
  • Reduce the coefficient of friction between parts: Friction between parts is inevitable, the greater the friction, the lower the efficiency of the machine, which indirectly leads to a reduced machine life, and bearings can solve this problem to minimize the coefficient of friction. Friction.
  • Support rotation for parts: Ball bearings can also support the movement of other components.
  • Shaft positioning and rotating parts: Helps machine parts not be disjointed while in operation, shock absorbers, reduce damage, save repair costs. 

Structure of the bearing

Cấu tạo của bạc đạn
Structure of the bearing
  • Bearing has an outer ring and an inner ring: A ball bearing will have an outer ring fixed to the case. The inner ring will be fixed to the machine shaft. Depending on the type of ball, the inner surface of the bearing also has a spherical or cylindrical groove.
  • Rollers: Different ball bearings will have different rollers. Different types of bearings will correspond to different types of rollers. There are many types of roller bearings, some common rollers such as: spherical rollers (spherical bearings), drum rollers (drum bearings), tapered rollers (taper roller bearings), cylindrical rollers ( cylindrical roller bearings) and needle rollers (needle bearings)…
Bạc đạn vòng bi
Bearings bearings
Bạc đạn tang trống
Drum bearings
Bạc đạn vòng bi chặn một phía
One-sided block ball bearing
  • Cage: The main ring is what is used to position the ball at fixed distances between the ball tracks. Usually there are 3 main types of cages, which are steel, copper and plastic cages. Depending on the material of the cage, they will have different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the specific application, the user will have ways to choose the appropriate type of cage.
  • Seals: In addition to the above 4 main parts, some types of bearings will be additionally equipped with the purpose of keeping grease and preventing dust. Depending on the purpose of use, the seal will be selected from iron or plastic.

How to know the bearing parameters when designing and using bearings?

To know the design parameters of the bearing, we read the parameters engraved on the surface of the bearing.

How to maintain bearing to improve bearing life

When we check the bearings, we can rotate the bearing to see if it is still smooth, if stuck, we can add grease to reduce friction to make it smooth; Check the outer details for cracks or rust, if there are signs of cracks or rust, we can consider to replace the bearings to ensure that the use of our machines is even smoother. , the details operate smoothly, increase the life of the machine.

Using bearings in the design of automatic doors – automatic gates

Automatic door bearings play an important role in automatic door design. Automatic door bearings are often installed with the Motor to help the motor dig the direction of rotation to serve the gentle opening and closing of the door. In addition, automatic door bearings are also installed on the hinges of automatic doors, so that the door can be closed or opened according to our control without touching it. Similarly, automatic door bearings are also used in assembling automatic gates with the same mechanism as on automatic doors, making closing the gate lighter no matter how big and heavy the gate is, helping to reduce the load that the model requires. The door motor is subjected to, which helps to increase the life of the motor, to ensure that the motor operates reliably, for a long time, with little maintenance.

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